Waterfalls around Coimbatore to take a Selfie

We all love the season of monsoon which displays nature's bounty at its best. And to enjoy Mother Nature, a trip to some of the best waterfalls near your city could be the best idea! Not all can be as lucky as those staying near Coimbatore. 

There are some exquisite waterfalls within 30-90kms of Coimbatore that can take your breath away! So what are you waiting for? All you just need is to pack your bag and charge your camera to take some breathtaking selfies and enjoy this monsoon at fullest.

Vydehi Falls

Deep down in a forest at Narsipuram town stand Vydehi Falls, located at a distance of about 35 Km from the city of Coimbatore. One needs to take the permission before entering the premises and can only be visited with a forest guide as the place is not safe from animals, especially elephants. Many have heard the stories of elephants attacking human in this area. 

Though this does not deter tourists who want to enjoy the serene beauty of the Falls, that they feel it is worth taking the risk. A selfie in front of this breathtaking view is worth the risk!

Waterfalls around Coimbatore

Kovai Kutralam

Another falls located within a dense jungle but with an exciting trek of about 4 Km, Kovai Kutralam, is also known as Siruvani Waterfalls

This is located at a mere distance of about 36 Km from Coimbatore amidst the charismatic Siruvani Hills. Most of the tourists like to take a bath at the bottom of the falls as the upper part is made from steep cliffs and is dangerous. The only disadvantage associated with this fall is that you have to leave the place by 5:00 PM due to the security issues.

Waterfalls around Coimbatore

Catherine Falls

Being the second highest waterfall of the Nilgiris, Catherine Falls enjoys thousands of tourists during the monsoon season. The falls is located at a distance of about 67 Km from Coimbatore and is very close to Coonoor.  Looking at a height of 250 Feet, it is easy to imagine that getting a full view of this falls is not an easy task. 

Dolphin's Nose is the only viewpoint from where one can see the entire waterfalls easily. It is impossible to go to the bottom of this waterfall; hence people visit the same from the top, which is easily accessible from Aravenu town located on the Kotagiri/Mettupalayam Road. This is another heaven for the trekkers to visit.

Waterfalls around Coimbatore

Monkey Falls

Being easily reachable has its own benefits and Monkey falls which is located at a distance of about 70 Km from Coimbatore is easily accessible by bus. The falls is of 60 feet height and enjoys a pleasant weather and crowd during monsoon season. It is located near Aliyar Dam amidst the Anamalai Hills. Most of the tourists like to bathe at the bottom of the fall but due to the heavy water flow during the monsoon, one must avoid bathing.

Monkey Falls near Coimbatore

Law's Falls

Located within the Coonoor forest ranges, Law’s fall gives you an opportunity to enjoy the virgin beauty of the surroundings at its best. Law’s falls is located at a distance of about 77 Km from Coimbatore and is formed by Coonoor River. The falls does not give an opportunity to trekkers to trek as the same is very close to the main road. The falls is of 30 Feet height with rocky and slippery edges, hence caution is required while enjoying. This waterfall was named after Col. Law, constructor of the new Coonoor ghat.

Waterfalls around Coimbatore

Kalhatty Falls

This one is meant especially for the wildlife enthusiasts as it is located in Kalhatty slopes, which is famous for being rich in wildlife including Wild Dogs, Spotted Deers, and different types of hill birds and Sambars. Kalhatty Falls, also known as Kalahasti Falls is located at a distance of about 95 Km from the city of Coimbatore and can be easily reached through a private tea estate. If someone wishes to reach the bottom, the same can be done by taking a 15 minute walk from the viewpoint to the bottom of the fall, though it  is safe to avoid after five in the evening due to security reasons. Water at this fall comes down from a height of more than 120 feet.

Kalhatti Waterfalls

Pykara Falls

Another gem located at a distance of about 105 Km from Coimbatore on Ooty - Mysore road, Pyakara falls offer many layers of water due to the unique rock formations. It is formed by Pykara River and is easily reachable by a walk of 5 - 10 minutes from the main road. Unlike other waterfalls, its upper cascade is somewhat safe to swim (not recommended due to rock edges), while the bottom one is dangerous due to the heavy flow of water especially during monsoon.

Waterfalls around Coimbatore
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