The Slangy Chennai Tamil Vs The Twangy Kongu Tamil

Coimbatore and Chennai, both are an integral part of the South Indian state Tamil Nadu. They are located at a distance of about 500 Km from each other. Due to their proximity to each other many people believe that the people of the two cities are similar in every bit. But on the other hand, the reality is far away from the notion. People of both the cities differ in every possible way in all of their habits and attributes. 


They differ in language, accent, behavior of people, profession choices, attitude and lifestyle among other factors.  I am sure you all had a chance to take a glimpse at the people of Chennai in the super hit movie of the Bollywood cinema - “Chennai Express”, now all you have to do is to compare that with the people of Coimbatore.

Language and Linguistics Differences

People from Coimbatore and Chennai both are well versed in Tamil language. Although speaking style of the people of both the cities differ drastically. Coimbatore people speak Kongu Tamil, while Chennai people speak Chennai Tamil. Kongu Tamil is spoken in a very polite and dignified manner, giving others a feeling of respect. While on the other hand, Chennai Tamil has slight usage of slang mixed with local accent, which might be more direct than required for some people. Many people also speak Telugu and Malayalam in Coimbatore. 

Behavioral Differences

Just like the language, people of Coimbatore are more relaxed and easy going as against the people of Chennai who are always on the go! Chennai is a big city as compared to Coimbatore. Just like any other metro city, you will find the people of Chennai always running, hurrying in a bid to outweigh others. On the other hand, Coimbatore being a small city enjoys its benefits and people here live a slow, relaxed life.

Professional Differences

People of Chennai prefer a corporate or a government job. While, on the other hand people of Coimbatore are famous for being entrepreneurs and industrialists. Coimbatore has a reputation for producing millionaires in every currency of the world. Coimbatore is an educational hub and a dream destination for many students of engineering and enterprises.

Attitude Differences

People from Coimbatore like to talk to others a lot and are usually very talkative. While on the other hand, people from Chennai find it quite hard to start a conversation with strangers and are more aloof and distant in nature.

Lifestyle Differences

People of Coimbatore are mostly entrepreneurs and businessmen. However, most of the people of Coimbatore do not like to show off though their bank balance is huge. You can find a person wearing a white veshti or dhoti without much touch of gold jewellery and heading to buy an Audi in a cash deal. While people of Chennai love their formals and would not mind showing off their power and wealth like people of any other metropolitan city!

Well to conclude, no matter how many differences we spot amongst them, they will always remain The Twangy Kongu Tamil and the Slangy Chennai Tamil  at least for Tamil movie producers and directors!
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