Relish Your Taste Buds With The Amazing Payasam of Coimbatore

Payasam is one of the most famous deserts of not only Coimbatore but entire south India. It is an essential part of south Indian cuisine and many festivals are incomplete without the preparation of Payasam here. It has the same significance in people‚Äôs life as Kheer has in North India. 

Also, it has a similar taste and similar preparation method, though ingredients used in both the dishes are different from each other. When it is renowned in entire south India, then what Coimbatore people find so special about their Payasam? 

Well to end your eagerness to the question, the answer is that they prepare in it several different ways and each variety of that Payasam is unique and flavorful in itself.

Rava Payasam

Desserts from Coimbatore

Main ingredient of Rava Payasam is the roasted Rava (White Semolina). Rest of the ingredients of this dish include water, milk, sugar, almonds, cashew nut, dry grapes, cardamom powder, dates, ghee, condensed milk and coconut milk. It is prepared in a similar way of preparing Rava Halva, only milk (both condesned milk and coconut milk) is added at the last.

Coconut Milk Payasam


As the name suggests, the main ingredient of this is coconut milk itself. It is prepared by adding shredded coconut to the coconut milk and cooking the same with jaggery and cardamom powder. Later, when the same is cooked, milk is added to the dish and as a final step fried cashew nuts are added before serving the same.

Aval Payasam

Payasam from Coimbatore

Aval is the other name given to Poha or Beaten rice. Aval Payasam is prepared with poha, condensed milk, butter, raisins, cardamom powder, water and saffron. It is a very simple recipe and prepared by frying poha in ghee and later cooking the same with water and as a final step adding the condensed milk and other ingredients before serving.

Pasi Paruppu Payasam


It is no doubt one of the most famous forms of Payasam in entire south India. It is a creamy dal (lentil) pudding and is extremely delicious desert. It is prepared by cooking fried (in butter) and later boiled moong dal with milk, cardamom powder and jaggery for some time. And finally, fried cashews, coconut and raisins needs to be added before serving the same.

Rice Payasam

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Payasam is almost similar to the kheer prepared in North India, the only difference is that it is prepared with jaggery instead of sugar and the same is added to the dish when it is cold. All of the ingredients used in the preparation of rice Payasam include rice, milk, water, cardamom powder, grated jaggery, raisins, ghee, pinch of salt and cashew nuts.

Javvarisi Payasam

Payasam from Coimbatore

Javvarisi Payasam is also known as Sago Payasam. It is a traditional dish and is prepared with several ingredients including Sago, milk, water, ghee, sugar, cardamom powder, saffron, cashews and raisins. To prepare Javvarisi Payasam, sago is fried in the ghee initially and then cooked with milk and cardamom powder.

Paal Payasam

Different types of Payasam in Coimbatore

Paal Payasam is a typical version of Kheer of North India. All of the ingredients of both of these dishes are exactly same, only the preparation method is slightly different. Paal Payasam is prepared by cooking rice with milk in a pressure cooker on a low flame for around an hour and later adding the sugar, cardamom powder and dry fruits before serving.
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