Places to visit in Coimbatore

Coimbatore was brought under the control of British Raj earlier in the 1800s. The place which was surrounded by the Western Ghats has found the likeliness of the English men owing to the prevailing climatic conditions. This is the only part in Tamil Nadu that has a reduced temperature range than the rest of State. During winter they used Coimbatore as their resting place while during summer they used to move to Ooty hills.


During both pre-independence and post-independence period the city found itself the likeliness of many mainly because of the temperature range. Whoever came to the city were awestruck by the presence of ancient monuments that were the main attraction of the tourists. It is only through Coimbatore many from different parts of India reached Ooty, the scenic hill station.

Tourist Destinations in Coimbatore

Currently the city has a major attraction in terms of malls, theatres, temples, parks and not to miss the world famous Esha Yoga Centre that has not only attracted the local audience but the international audience as well. The city has the presence of Fun mall and Brookfields mall that has harbored many branded shops including the only Shoppers Stop second next to Chennai.

Religious Places in Coimbatore

The city has a number of famous temples including Marudamalai Temple, Koniamman Temple and Perur Patteswarar Temple among others that has millions of religious followers. Esha Yoga Centre which is located at the outskirts of Coimbatore is considered to be a spot that is capable of attracting a number of international followers as well.

Apart from this the city has the CODISSIA trade fair complex that has harbored not only technical fairs, but also numerous commercial functions as well. It is the place where the World Classical Tamil Conference has been organized during 2010.

The city is known for its tasty water from the Siruvani River which has quenched the thirst of the entirety of the city. Coimbatore is considered as the city possessing natural wealth clubbed with an aesthetic sense. With the city possessing a number of areas for tourist attractions in Coimbatore, Coimbatore is a city where people could make use of this as a potent source in increasing their internal income.

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