Nightlife in Coimbatore

Bars in CoimbatoreCoimbatore, one of fastest growing tier-II cities of India, is high on life and work.  The nightlife culture is mainly promoted by the highly energetic youth in the city that is high on earning and spending. 

They love calling themselves “night creatures” , believe in the principle of “work hard and party harder” and like going out in bars, clubs and bars, discotheques and pubs on weekends to charge themselves up and gear up for the energy sapping hectic weekdays. 

Compared to other south Indian metro cities like Chennai and Bangalore which has almost saturated in terms of entertainment, Coimbatore offers a promising future as it is still growing. Unlike other metropolitan cities where you would find pubs and disco bars almost everywhere, Coimbatore is yet growing on this. The places where you would find the most buzz are Gandhi Puram, Geetha Hall Road, Avinashi Road, Ram Nagar and Trichy Road.

Bar and Pubs in Coimbatore

If you like to drink to your mind and hear nice music, bar is the right place for you. Bar and Pub is the most sought out destination for youth to hangout at night. You can come here for drinks like beer, vodka, wine, whiskey, rum, cocktails, mocktails etc. 

Drinks are served with good food both vegetarian and non-vegetarian. Many bars offer happy-hour in which one would be provided drinks at much discounted rates at a particular time on weekdays. You would have to call them up to know the timings. 

You would find some of the good bars in Coimbatore like My Bar Located at Gandhipuram, Cheers Bar located at Kuniamuthur, Blue Sea Bar Located at Ram Nagar, H2O Bar located at Gopala Puram, Jungle Bar located at Gopala Puram.

Discs in CoimbatoreDiscotheque in Coimbatore

These are also called night clubs and are high on adrenaline. If you want to drink as well as sway and shake your legs to the crazy numbers, this is the right place for you. 

These are similar to bars but the only difference that there is a dance floor to dance and a DJ playing good and electrifying music. 

Discotheque or discs have both couple entry and stag entry (stags means single entry either male or female). Like bars, discs also have happy hour. Be careful, for this place is infamous for illegal drugs consuming, be safe and party hard. Some of the good discotheques would you would find here are My Bar located at Gandhipuram, Permit Rooms Bar located at Gopala Puram, Hayden Valley Club located at Karamadai, Ladies Recreation Club located at Dr. Nanjappa Road, Benze Vaccations Club located at Telungapalayam etc.

Coffee shops in CoimbatoreCafe shops in Coimbatore

For those who like to spend their night in quiet surroundings, sitting and hanging out with friends and enjoying the calmness, there are 24-hours coffee shops available. 

Most of these places are visited by intellectuals who like to discuss and ponder over intense subjects but sometimes you would find teenagers here as well. 

Some of the few good cafe shops are 24x7 Bites located at Chinnamathampalayam, Tiffinys Coffee Shop located at Ram Nagar, Symphony located at Avinashi Road, Cafe Magik located at Nanjundapuram, Manoj bakery located at R S Puram, Veera cofee bar located at R.S Puram etc.

Restaurants in Coimbatore

After drinking and dancing if you are feeling hungry and want to have something delicious or simply you want to hangout late and have, you won’t be disappointed in Coimbatore because there are lots of good restaurants which are open 24*7 to serve healthy and tasty main course dishes like Chinese, Italian, south Indian etc. 
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