Important Historical Events in Coimbatore

This timeline of Coimbatore History starting from the ancient times till the modern era essays the important events that have shaped the growth the city.


9th Century CE- Kosar tribes ruled Kosambathur (now Coimbatore)
10th Century CE-Rashtra Kutas served as a parliament for the Cholas during the time of Kulothunga Chola
13th century- After the decline of the Cholas – Cheras ruled the region for more than 300 yearsbeginning of
15th Century- Coimbatore came under Vijayanagara Empire
1550-Populated to a large extent through settlers from Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka
Madurai Nayaks – took control of the region     
17th Century-Reign of Madurai Nayaks
Introduction of the palyam concept – divided kongu nadu into 24 palayams
Till 1799- After defeating the Madurai Sultans, Tipu Sultan took over the reign of Coimbatore 18th Century
Reign of Tipu Sultan lasted in Coimbatore
1799-Polygar wars opposing the British rule - between the Polyars warriors and the British Raj
1801-1802- Dheeran Chinnamalai rose against the British raj in the second Polygar wars
1802- British Raj took control of the region
1840- Formation of Kongu Mandalam
1866- Coimbatore was developed into a municipality
1866- Sir Stanes – First Chairman of Coimbatore City Council
1867-First group of students appeared for SSLC examinations
1868-Bifurcation of Nilagiris from Kongu Mandalam
Division of Kongu Mandalam to 10 Taluks
1872- First train was operated between Coimbatore (Podanur) and Madras
First College opened in Coimbatore – Government Arts College
1916- Forest College and Research Institute was opened
1927-Part of Karur taluk of kongu mandalam was transferred to Trichy
Part of the Bhavani taluk was transferred to Salem district
1929-Initiation of industrialization1888 till 20th Century
1920 to 1930 Textile Boom happened in the city
1945-First Engineering college was started by G. D. Naidu –of Technology
Administrative College was initiated1949
1950-PSG College of Technology & Coimbatore Institute of Technology started
1951-South Indian Textile Research Association (SITRA) initiated
1963-Coimbatore Medical College started
1969-Coimbatore District Small Industries Association – CODISSIA
1978-Coimbatore Law College
1981-Constituted as a Corporation
1984-Riot following the assassination of the then Prime Minister ending up targeting Sikh community
1998-Bomb blast – Communal riots between Hindus and Muslims
2010-World Classical Tamil Conference
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