Famous Homemade Desserts To Try In Coimbatore On Your Next Visit

Most of the Indians have sweet tooth and are always ready for any kind of dessert to try. All across the nation, women prepare different kinds of sweets as per the regional tastes and festivals. For example, people in North India prepare Gujias on the occasion of Holi, while vermicelli is prepared on the festivals of Rakshbandhan in the same region. 

Every region and every city of our country offers various sweet preparations to us and is the best to try all of them once you are in a particular city. Coimbatore is no exception to this and offers many sweet dishes to its visitors and citizens both.

Mysore Pak

Desserts of Coimbatore

Mysore Pak is not only famous in Coimbatore, but is no doubt one of the most famous sweets in entire South India. The dish is prepared with gram flour, ghee and sugar. 

Cardamom is another ingredient used in the dish. Besan Laddoo of North India is also prepared with the same ingredient, but both the dishes differ a lot as huge amount of the Ghee (Butter) is used in the preparation of Mysore Pak.


Homemade Desserts of Coimbatore

Payasam is one of the most famous dishes around entire Coimbatore and is usually prepared by the served on special occasions after meals. It is a pious dish and is prepared in most of the festivals of the city at homes. 

It has different variations of preparation method, but the traditional Payasam is made from milk, rice and sugar along with some other ingredients such as cardamom and nuts for serving. To know more about the variations of Payasam, click here.


Desserts of Coimbatore

It is one of the most famous sweet preparations of Coimbataore. Just like most of the dishes of South India, Akkaravadisal also contain rice as its main ingredient. 

Other ingredients used to prepare this dish include moong dal, crushed jaggery, milk, water, ghee (butter), cardamom and edible camphor (a tiny peace only). Ingredients used for the serving include cashews and raisins.

Kalkandu Pongal

Homemade Desserts of Coimbatore

Another rice preparation of the Kongu cuisine, Kalkandu Pongal is a must to have on the occasion of Pongal. Main ingredients of the dish include rice, milk, kalkandu (sugar candy), ghee, cashew, raisins and cardamom powder. Kalkandu is what gives this dish a different taste from other preparations of rice and milk.

Sesame Seeds Ladoo

Sweets from Coimbatore

One of the most popular dish for the occasion of Navrathri in the city, Sesame Seeds Ladoos are very easy to prepare and takes a very little time in the entire preparation. Ingredients used in this dish include sesame seeds, chopped coconut, jaggery and water. The dish is prepared by adding the roasted sesame seeds and coconut in a syrup of water and jaggery.


Homemade Desserts of Coimbatore

Kesari is one of the most easy dishes to prepare and most of the people in Coimbatore prepare it every now and then in their home. Main ingredients of the dish are semolina, milk, sugar, water, ghee (butter), cardamom powder, raisins and cashew nuts. It takes hardly 10 minutes to prepare the dish and does not require any expertise to do the same.

Poppy Seed Halwa

Best Desserts of Coimbatore

This dish is known by the name of Kasa Kasa Halwa among the local people of Coimbatore. Main ingredients of the dish are poppy seeds, ghee, cardamom powder, milk and sugar. However, some people prepare the dish with the water than milk. Apart from this, many other variations of Halwa are prepared in the city of Coimbatore.

Dates Kheer

Homemade Desserts of Coimbatore

Dates are one of the most important ingredients in the preparation of Kongu cuisine. Dates kheer is prepared with some easily available items at home including dates, milk, sugar and some nuts for serving. Dates are soaked in the milk for few hours and later cooked with the milk and sugar till it becomes thick. Almonds, pistachios, cashew nuts, walnuts and raisins can be used for the serving purpose.
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