5 Offbeat Things to do in Coimbatore for Moody People

Every time we plan to visit a place, first thing we do is to look at the most visited places of that region. Is it the right approach to travel? Well it definitely gives you an opportunity to see the best of that region, but usually that best is also the most crowded all the time. If you want to avoid the crowd or you have plenty of days to travel you must visit the less known and off beat destinations of the area. Here are some of the amazing offbeat things to do in Coimbatore:

Take a Ride on Your Bullet at L & T Highway of Coimbatore

Coimbatore Bypass

This highway is known as Coimbatore Highway amongst the locals and covers a distance of about 28 Km. It falls amongst the most mesmerizing roads of the entire India. 

I’ll advise to keep your camera by your side to capture numerous scenic places on this bypass. Coimbatore bypass was built by the infrastructure major L&T Transportation Infrastructure Limited. It connects the Palghat side near Madukkarai of Coimbatore to the Salem side of the NH47 at Nilambur.

Take a Tour of Tamil Nadu Agriculture University

Tamil Nadu Agricultural University

It is no doubt one of the most famous educational sites of not only Coimbatore but entire Tamil Nadu, but what makes it different from other educational sites is its natural beauty. 

Located at a mere distance of 5 Km from the Railway Station of Coimbatore, this University is a heaven for nature lovers. Lots of trees surrounding a heritage building provide it a great ambiance to invite many birds within the campus. Botanical garden situated inside the University is definitely the most visited part of not only the university but of entire Coimbatore city.

Enjoy the Rides at Various Amusement Parks

Amusement Park in Coimbatore

Numerous amusement parks are located all around the Coimbatore to have fun and enjoy. They are no doubt the favorite destinations of kids in the family. Kovai Kondattam, Black Thunder and Maharaja World compete with each other to be the best amusement park of Coimbatore. It is very difficult to choose the best and worst among them, but they all are awesome in their own way. 

Maharaja World is the latest one built with a corpus of 25 crore and offers many water based rides with an entry fee of INR 350 per person.

Go on a wildlife Tour at Indira Gandhi National Park

Indira Gandhi National Park

Indira Gandhi National Park, also known as Annamalai Wildlife Sanctuary is no doubt the best place to visit entire Coimbatore for the wildlife enthusiasts. People who enjoy bird watching gets a chance to take a look at the Whiskered Bulbul, Pigeon, Spotted Dove, Black Headed Oriole, Rocket-tailed Drongo and Red Tree Pie easily here. For all the animal lovers various wild animals including Sloth Bear, Tiger, Deer, Wild Bear, Panther, Elephant and Gaur have their habitat here.

A visit to the Codissia Trade Fair Complex

Codissia Trade Fair Complex Coimbatore

For all the business and entrepreneurship minded people Codissia Trade Fair Complex is the perfect place to visit. It offers many events and seminars all around the year from the renowned regional exhibiting companies.  It is one of the most famous destinations of industrial and exhibition industry of not only Coimbatore but Tamil Nadu as well.

 It organizes indoor exhibitions, outdoor parties and open air events for the viewers with the help of its two air-conditioned exhibition halls equipped with ultra modern features.  It has all the facilities including communication facility, parking space and food court.

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