10 Mouth Watering Street Foods of Coimbatore

When it comes to food, Indians can’t resist it. We have always been a foodie population and most probably will remain the same for many years to come. Our country is full of varieties and to get the authentic taste of any place or city, it is must to try the street food of the same.

Road side food is definitely not our meal, but it gives a fulfilling desire to our taste buds especially in the evening with a cup of tea or coffee. Here are some of the famous dishes from the street food corner of Coimbatore that one must try when here. 

Kothu Parotta

Street Foods of Coimbatore

Parotta or Parathas are one of the most famous convenient foods of India, for which you don’t need to visit a fancy restaurant always. It is one of the dishes that you can easily prepare at your home with a lot of variations. 

However, you must try the delicacy of a place by its masters only before experimenting it by yourself in your kitchen. Main ingredients of the famous Kothu Parotta of Coimbatore include parotta, eggs and salna (chicken gravy).

Kalan Varuval

Famous Mushroom fry dish of Coimbatore

It is no doubt the most famous and unique dish on the streets of Coimbatore. It’s a special fried spicy mushroom dish. It is usually prepared with mushrooms and chilies with other ingredients.

Bhel Puri   

Don’t try to compare it with the renowned Mumbai Bhel Puri. Both of them varies in various ways including taste and the ingredients used in preparation. Main ingredients of the Coimbatore Bhel Puri include pani puri, sev, masala gravy, puffed rice, onion tomato carrot cilantro mixture, salt and lime juice.

Coimbatore Roadside Food

Masala Puri

It is another version of chaat prepared by pani puri. To prepare this dish, pani puris are filled with boiled peas and masala by making a hole in the same. Other ingredients involved in the dish include onion, tomatoes, grated carrots and cilantro.

Coimbatore Street foods

Pani Puri

Puchhka, Pani Pataka or Pani Patasha, whatever you call it, Pani Puri no doubt is one of the most famous street foods of entire India. Small round puris are served with spicy, sweet and sour water and boiled potatoes or chana.

Famous street foods of Coimbatore

Cheese Murukku Sandwich

Many vendors sell different kinds of sandwiches on the streets of Coimbatore, but Cheese Murukku Sandwich is definitely number one on the list of street food lovers of Coimbatore. It is prepared by placing raw vegetables (usually cucumber, tomatoes and onions) between the two mini murukkus after spreading green chutney on them. It is topped with cheese to increase flavors of this sandwich.

Unique street foods of Coimbatore

Chilly Gobi

Another famous delicacy from the basket of street food list of Coimbatore, Chilly Gobi is definitely a marvelous treat for spicy food lovers.  It is also known as Gobi Fry, Gobi Pakora, Cauliflower Pakora and Cauliflower 65. It is prepared by marinating cauliflower with a lot of spices and then deep frying the same in the oil.

Known Street foods of Coimbatore


When it comes to street food, we always talk about the savory items only. Isn’t that wrong? Well who can avoid the taste of a Kulfi, which is most of the time found on the streets of a city only.  Kulfi is definitely the best street food for the sweet lovers of Coimbatore. It is usually made with milk, sugar, saffron, cardamom and pistachios.

Sweet delicacy from the streets of Coimbatore


Idly is one of the most preferred dishes of entire South Indian cuisine. People of different states prepare in it several different ways by keeping its authenticity intact. Kheema idly is the most demanded form of idly in Coimbatore. The main ingredients of idli are urad dal and rice.

Street foods of Coimbatore


Just like idly, dosa is another south Indian dish that is loved by everyone in Coimbatore. People like to have it at anytime and especially during the morning breakfast here. Many variations of the same are available here, but Kheema Dosa is most popular among the masses. The main ingredient of the Dosa is rice and urad dal and is usually served with sambar and coconut chutney.

Roadside tastes of Coimbatore
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